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Judo Program 2022

Judo Program 2022: 

  • Program fee is for Ninjas or Warriors or Samurais (updated 17 Oct 2021):
  • Ninjas or Samurais or Warriors judo class are on Wednesdays - 5pm at Elijah Smith school gym;
  • Remainder of 2021/22 Season starts mid 05 Jan 2022 until 27 Apr 2022 (full season @1x/week).

Club Categories:

  • Ninjas are our active judokas with belts of White, White-Yellow, or Yellow from ages 5 to 7 years;
  • Samurais are our FUNdamental judokas with belts of White, White-Yellow, or Yellow from ages 8 to 12 years;
  • Warriors are our more experienced and returning judokas with belts of Yellow-Orange, Orange, or Orange-Green, and even Green from ages 8-12 years with club tournament experience in the Yukon, and some have competed at tournaments outside the Yukon.


Club Schedule:

Wednesdays at Elijah Smith school gym (doors open 5pm):

• Ninja, Samurai & Warrior (8-12): 5:15pm to 6:45pm in gym.

For more information click this link (or copy and paste):

Judo Program 2022 fee is $150 includes membership dues (membership valid till 31 Aug 2022).

Separate costs: Judo Gi cost is separate, and Judo Yukon Championship fee is separate.

Registration protocol: All registration questions require an answer. Even a reply of "no" or "I do not know" will help with registration, otherwise registration may not be complete due to blank answers. An automatic follow-up email is sent to you notifying you the registration is complete.

Club Refund Policy: Fees, less a $25 admin fee, will be fully refunded before deadline. After the deadline date of Jan 31st, 2022 - all registration fees are forfeited. Or deadline is 10 calendar days after payment. After the deadline date - fee is forfeited.

Technical issues: contact

For more club information:

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